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Cotton has been used in fabrics for over 4.000 years, it is still widely used both alone and in combination with other fibers. Egyptian and Sea Island cottons have longer fiber strands and fabrics produced from them are extremely fine and have a sheen and silky feel. Cotton should be washed, dried and ironed before using to be certain any potential shrinkage has been eliminated. Cotton thread shoud be used to sew cotton fabrics. The size thread should be matched to the fineness of the fabric you are sewing. Cotton fabrics can be very heavy, as in rugs, or very sheer and transparent.
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C10 - pima cotton Broadcloth

44" wide. Super fine, and feels silky.

Pale pink(5)
Antique gold(55)
Lt peach(39)
Blue spruce(0)
Deep red(175)


C11 - All cotton stripes

Ideal for minis and doll work or a wonderful blouse.



C14 - Pique

45" wide. In pinwale style.



C16 - Swiss organdy

Incredible fine like Swiss Batiste in sheerness, but stiff. 100% cotton.

Lt lavender(101)
Pale pink(5)
Polka dots(0)
white with tiny gray dots


C2 - Batiste

54" wide. Lightweight all cotton batiste.(white only)


C21 - English voile

42/45" wide. From Switzerland, the real thing. This is the kind you remember and have frequently requested.

Choice: Med. brown
(140) Mocha
(164) Lt aqua
(115) Taupe
(66) Lt blue
(125) Peacock blue(0)
54" wide old rose pink(27)
54" wide


C22 - Cotton dimity

44" wide. We are happy to be able to offer you 100% cotton dimity, an old style fabric. This fabric features fine lengthwise cords on a transparent thin ground. Used for years for little girls clothing, women's and children blouses, nightgowns, pinafores and aprons.White only


C28 - Oxford jacquards

44" wide. Nice cottons which are technically oxford cloth. This looks like mini upholstery and could have lots of other uses in the doll house.



C29 - Pima scotch clan plaid

44" wide. Finest imported 100% cotton plaids, small enough to use for your minis. So fine they feel silky.


C3 - Swiss pima lawn

45" wide. Feels like silk, but 100% cotton.(white only)


C30 - English shirtings

44" wide. Beautiful pima cottons, plaids and handsome stripes.



C31 - Tiny pima checks

44" wide. A super fine high quality all cotton check ideal for half and quarter scale mini work.



C33 - Flannel

Soft and thin.

(red only)


C40 - Muslin

45" wide. All cotton.

(Natural only)


C44 - Satin Batiste

45" wide. 100% cotton, lovely batiste with a fine smooth hand. This cotton batiste is a little heavier than our finest swiss batiste and has a satin finish that gives it a high sheen. Perfect for babies, baby dolls, lady doll under things, christening dresses, children's clothes and more. If satinette is too heavy for your project try this.

Palest blue(125)


C45 - Voile twisted weave

56" wide. Sheer with an interesting weave.

(white only)


C48 - Jacquard cotton

54" wide. A very heavy jacquard cotton great for dress forms.

side a
side b)


C5 - Finest Swiss Batiste

44" wide. Super fine, almost see thru. Ideal for doll and mini work.

Lt Aqua(131)
Lt greyed blue(90)


C6 - Nelo Batiste

44" wide. More opaque cotton batiste.

(Copper (79) only)


C7 - Extra wide Batiste

54" wide. A top quality Swiss no-iron fabric, opaque, avaliable in lovely pastel shades for all doll sewing. 100% Pima cotton.

Lt Blue(125)
lt pink(6)
Pale blue(9)
Palest orchid(83)


C8 - Finest lawn

44" wide. A tightly woven cotton; no bulk. Perfect in blouse, aprons, sheets or any other place you need a quality fine fabric.

Pale aqua(131)
Lt pink(6)
Palest blue(97)
Lt blue(9)
Old blue(44)


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