Linen Fabrics

Linen, is a product from a plant called flax. Linen can only be used when referring to natural fiber from flax. Some of the properties of linen are absorption of moisture rapidly; no fuzziness; does not soil quickly; has a natural luster and stiffness. The uses of linen traditionally are found in tablecloths, toweling, dress, doilies, runners, summer dress goods, sportswear, etc.
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L10 - Linen cotton blend

44" wide. In pastel shades.



L11 - Pure linen

60" wide. In a nice blouse weight, quite a fine fabric.

Pale pink(6)
Deep blue grey(183)


L12 - Linen cotton blend

58" wide. A nice 40% cotton, 60% linen fabric. Ivory(1) only


L13 - Heavy natural linen

50" wide. Ideal for sports wear. Dry clean or pre-shrink. 100% linen imported from Ireland. Ivory(1) only


L14 - Leno weave linen

60" wide. Is an extremely unusual fabric, it looks like sheer linen screen cloth as every other two threads are "missing" in both directions. Ideal for minis and all dolls. Perfect for counted cross stitch. Will dye well. Use for fine blouses, slips and aprons, 100% linen.


Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 products)
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